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The Address Of The Corporation For Corporate Credit

The Address Of The Corporation For Corporate Credit

Eight year old shelf company for $1995! Clean company, no liabilities, no problems.

The Address Of The Corporation To Build Corporate Credit

Don’t use a virtual address when applying for corporate credit. Why?

Look at any business address. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many businesses share that address?
  • Is that an address that is a virtual address or UPS location?
  • How many businesses used that address to a apply for a loan and failed to pay it back?

The above questions paint an important question for anyone seeking to build corporate credit. Follow the following rules to maximize building corporate credit and obtaining financing:

  • Using a business address is much better than using a residential address.
  • Only use a residential address if you have no other choice.
  • Don’t use a UPS address or virtual office address.

What’s the best solution? Make a list of the people with whom you do business. Consider your realtor, insurance agent, auto mechanic, dry cleaner, butcher, or other small business owner. Ask them if they are willing to accept $50 a month to accept mail at their place of business. Many of them will say yes. Then use that address for your company.